WebDev Khayla Harris

Khayla is Here!

Is Khayla Angry?

Answer the questions below to find out!

This whole thing is coded by me in javascript. It was my first javascript, but has undergone many changes since it's original form. Please Enjoy! And if you would like your own little javascript interaction, feel free to contact me!

1. Did Khayla say "I am angry"?

2. Did Khayla self-isolate or seclude?

3. How did Khayla Look?

4. How does Khayla sound?

5. Which of these things just occured?

6. When was the last time Khayla ate?

7. When did Khayla wake up?

8. Did Josiah, Khayla's beloved fiance, do something wrong?

9. Has Khayla talked to a sibling for more than half an hour today?

10. How are the cats today?

Khayla Harris can be contacted directly at